Stakenet (XSN) —TPoS Merchant Setup Guide

  • An up-to-date version of the XSN Wallet on your computer.
  • An XSN Legacy Wallet Address in your wallet (Merchant Address) — You need one unique merchant address per TPoS Contract.
  • Your coinstaker must use an XSN Legacy address.
  • A unique IPv4 Server (VPS) — you require one for each TPoS contract
  • Your VPS must meet the minimum specification requirements.
  • Note: Your VPS must maintain a steady uptime.
getnewaddress “alias” legacy
dumpprivkey Merchant_address
dumpprivkey Merchant_address Authorisation_Code
# - -
rpcuser=long random username
rpcpassword=longer random password
# - -
# - -
externalip=VPS IP:62583
merchantnodeprivkey=Merchant Private Key (taken from previous steps)
# - -
passwd root
adduser username
usermod -aG sudo username
apt update -y
apt upgrade -y
apt install ufw python virtualenv git unzip pvufw allow ssh/tcpufw limit ssh/tcpufw allow 62583/tcpufw logging onufw enable
fallocate -l 5G /swapfilechmod 600 /swapfilemkswap /swapfileswapon /swapfilenano /etc/fstab
/swapfile none swap sw 0 0
reboot now
mkdir ~/.xsncore/wget xfvz xsn-1.0.28-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gzcp xsn-1.0.28/bin/xsnd ~/.xsncore/cp xsn-1.0.28/bin/xsn-cli ~/.xsncore/wget -d ~/.xsncore
nano ~/.xsncore/xsn.conf
~/.xsncore/xsn-cli getblockchaininfo
tposcontract list
alias VPS_IP:62583 Merchant_Private_Key TXID
merchantnode start-alias Alias
merchantnode list-conf
~/.xsncore/xsn-cli setgenerate true 1 true TXID
~/.xsncore/xsn-cli getstakingstatus




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